Meet the Board

We would like to introduce you to the STAR Sponsorship team. These generous contributors tirelessly donate their time and talents to the program on our Board of Trustees. We extend our deepest gratitude to each member as he or she supports STAR in an unforgettable, selfless manner.

Paul, President and Co-founder
Paul Greenwell
Partner – Luther King Capital Management
STAR Co-Founder, President
STAR Board Member since 1993

Porter, David copy


David Porter
President – The PNL Companies
STAR Board Member since 1997

Philpott, Peter


Peter Philpott
Vice President – RW Baird
STAR Board Member Since 1998

Myers, Patty


Patty Myers
Executive Director – STAR Sponsorship Program, Inc.
STAR Board Member Since 1998


Pergande, John


John Pergande
CEO – InsureZone
STAR Board Member since 1999

Prioleau, Frost


Frost Prioleau
Co-Founder/CEO –
STAR Board Member since 2003

Scow, Aaron


Aaron Scow
Partner – Baker McKenzie LLP
STAR Board Member since 2005

King, Bryan 2


Bryan King
Principal – Luther King Capital Management
STAR Board Member since 2006

Lightly Photography 2016


Brian Crumley
Partner/Co-Founder – Vortus Investments
STAR Board Member since 2006

Semper, Diego


Diego Semper
Founder – Lighthouse Homes LLC
STAR Board Member since 2013

Sullivan, Andy


Andy Sullivan
Vice President Investments – Wells Fargo Advisors
STAR Board Member since 2015