The Vision

The Board of STAR Sponsorship Program, Inc. is dedicated to increasing educational options for children in Tarrant County whose parents do not have the financial means to provide an education best suited to their children’s unique needs. We believe the well-being of the entire community is enhanced when children are given a quality education that allows them to achieve to their utmost ability. Therefore, we intend, wherever possible, to encourage partnerships with schools, parents, community organizations, and concerned citizens in supporting its children to achieve the American dream.

We provide a unique type of charity investment in that donors can actually see their gift at work when they receive a letter from their student, or report card results. We maintain an ongoing communication through quarterly newsletters, report card distribution and ongoing correspondence from the student to their donor.

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STAR students have shown that they are capable of great accomplishments through their dedication to academic excellence. The knowledge that someone outside their family and school cares about them as a person and about their future provides them with immeasurable hope and inspiration. They understand that their sponsors keep track of their academic progress, which fosters in them a strong work ethic and sense of personal responsibility. Students are achieving the honor roll time and again, winning top student awards, participating in academic summer programs and later succeeding in high school, and college. We take confidence knowing these students are well prepared for their future as tomorrow’s leaders.


Sponsors have the opportunity to watch a child grow and progress each year through pictures, letters, and report cards. They gain a connection with these children and tangible evidence of how they are impacting the future, one child at a time. Sponsors often meet with their students as they “graduate” from 8th grade and the STAR Program. The excitement on these students’ faces displays their gratitude and understanding of the importance of education and the opportunity they have been afforded. The hearts and lives of the children, their families, and their sponsors are touched in a unique and lasting way.