What is the program about?

STAR provides partial scholarships to local low-income school children regardless of race, religious background or ethnicity. The program pairs students with adult sponsors who contribute toward the student’s tuition, and the family is expected to “co-pay” part of the tuition plus provide the uniform and all other costs, such as registration and book fees.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is a person interested in a student’s academic performance and who pays a partial scholarship for a student’s tuition at a private school.

What corporations/community organizations participate as sponsors?

Some sponsors include: XTO Energy, The Amon Carter Foundation, Luther King Capital Management, The John Ryan Foundation, Baylor Agerton Trust, Sorrells Enterprises, The Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth.

What percentage of my donation will go toward scholarships?

Donations specified for scholarships are funded 100% toward scholarships.

Are these full scholarships?

No, they are partial academic scholarships. The current average tuition cost is $5,100. Participating schools provide additional aid, STAR provides scholarship aid, and the parents pay the remaining cost.

How are the parent financial qualifications determined?

Parents provide a copy of the Federal Tax 1040 with their application.

Can I make monthly payments to fulfill my donation?

Yes. Contact the Executive Director to make arrangements (817.888.3255).

Can I specify a particular school where my donation will be used?

Yes. Contact the Executive Director to make arrangements (817.888.3255).

Is there a minimum donation requirement?

Sponsors agree to provide funds annually toward the tuition of a student entering grades K through 8 to a private school participating in the STAR program. Sponsors traditionally pledge $2,000 annually.

Is my donation tax deductible?

The STAR Sponsorship Program is a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.  All contributions to the STAR Sponsorship Program are fully tax deductible.

What are “in-kind” donations?

Donations for use by STAR students of computers, printers and other peripherals; software applications; event tickets (baseball, basketball, football); Zoo entrance fees, etc.

Who is on your Board of Trustees?


Paul W. Greenwell
STAR Founder, Co-Chair CSF FW
Partner – Luther King Capital Management

Brian Crumley
Partner/Co-founder – Vortus Investments

Bryan King
Principal/Vice President – Luther King Capital Management

Patty Myers
Executive Director
STAR Sponsorship Program, Inc./CSF FW

John Pergande
Chief Executive Officer – InsureZone

Peter Philpott
Vice President – RW Baird

David M. Porter
Co-Chair CSF FW
President – The PNL Companies

Aaron Scow
Partner – Baker McKenzie

Diego Semper
Manager – Lighthouse Homes LLC

Frost Prioleau
Co-Founder/CEO – Simpli.fi

Andy Sullivan
Vice President – Wells Fargo Advisors

Michael Williams
Advisory Board Member – STAR Sponsorship Program, Inc.
Former Texas State Commissioner of Education