STAR Contributors

Here are some things the community is saying about our program. These testimonies are from past and present donors, sponsors, parents, and supporters of STAR/CSF FW. They are pictured below with their graduated or current STAR students.

Paul, President and Co-founder                Paul with his students

“STAR Sponsorship Program is providing an opportunity for parents and students to explore various educational opportunities which would not be available otherwise. The desire to provide these opportunities for parents and students is what inspired me to become a co-founder of STAR Sponsorship.”

Paul Greenwell – STAR/CSF Board of Directors, Co-founder, and STAR Sponsor since 1993

Ana, with her student, Esmerelda

“What a privilege it is to support Esmeralda as she grows into the STAR student that her parents hope for her to be. Together with them, I know she can shine!”

Ana Rojas – STAR Sponsor since 2013

Janet Carter with her two previous STAR students

Janet (center) with her two previous STAR students

 “Giving students a sponsor gives them a sense of how valuable their education is.”

Janet Carter – STAR Sponsorship Co-founder and STAR Sponsor since 1993

image 2

“The STAR program has a bigger impact per dollar than any other program around. It is a blessing to be able to change lives so profoundly with seemingly such little effort. Our family gets more out of it than we could think possible.”

Peter Philpott – STAR/CSF Board of Directors and STAR Sponsor since 1998

Thalissa with Mr. Porter

“We make real and lasting changes in the lives and prospects of children in Fort Worth.”

 David Porter – STAR/CSF Board of Directors and STAR Sponsor since 1996

 “All of the students are worthy investments!”

XTO Energy (Fort Worth) – STAR Sponsors since 2007

“STAR has helped our daughter stay focused and do her best on her academics, as well as her conduct and attendance. The program is overall a positive example for Thalissa and her peers.” 

Mr. and Mrs. Villegas, STAR Parents from 2006-2014