Roderick – Johns Hopkins University

    My name is Roderick Demmings Jr. I am 21 years old and am a rising senior studying in the organ program of the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University. Ever since I was very young, I have always wanted to travel the world performing. So far, I’ve made it to ten countries, three continents with performances in Italy and France. Most recently, I teamed up with concert pianist, Karl Van Richards to create Double Treble, a national concert tour that features both of us on the piano, “battling” against each other. I’d like to think that through my efforts, I am making better the lives of my concertgoers through exciting, enriching performances.


     Because I spend so much time performing, any chance I get in school to focus on academics, I seize it! Ergo, Humanities/Lit. is my favorite course in Conservatory! My love of learning comes from my boyhood experience at St. Mark’s School of Texas where I excelled  tremendously due to the love and care of my teachers and administrators. Looking back on myself at that time, I would have strongly urged my former self to work very hard. I have come to know that all things worth having come at an extremely high price: time, energy, and effort.


     I am very grateful for having been chosen as a STAR/CSF Ft. Worth student as it has provided me with opportunities I might not have otherwise received. Opening the door to education for me was like opening a treasure chest. As aforementioned, it is my hope to give meaningful concerts around the globe. Although it takes long hours, loss of sleep, and lots of sacrifice, I am willing and able to make this goal a reality. I like to think that as music needs no translation, I am working to aid the world through the universal language of music. This is my greatest goal.


Roderick was featured on “From the Top at Carnegie Hall” and performed for the Pope in Rome last summer. We are excited to see where Roderick’s hard work will take him in his future endeavors. We are proud of everything he has accomplished. STAR is overjoyed to witness this graduate shine as a bright example for others.