Shane – Tarleton State University

“The purpose of the program is to help students achieve their dreams by getting the best education possible. The STAR Program [and my Sponsor] could have given up on me after an occasional slip-up, but they saw I had potential and kept encouraging me, and for that, I really want to thank them.”

“It’s about starting the kids young and helping them realize you get to set your own path. You get to choose how successful you are in life. All it takes is a positive mentality and people who are willing to guide you where you need to be. Between Saint Rita, STAR, and my mom who sacrificed it all for us, it made me want to succeed in life and gave me that positive mentality. I’m grateful for STAR.”

Shane graduated from North Richland High School in 2014. He is currently a junior at Tarleton State University majoring in Finance with a minor in Marketing. After college, Shane plans on working towards his Master’s degree.