Ot’Lantis -UTA-United States Air Force

“The STAR Program impacted my life because I realized that my education was important to people other than my family and teachers. Society needs to encourage the importance of education just as much and even more than teachers. STAR places an emphasis on education and striving to learn beyond the classroom. I have tried my hardest to take this approach throughout my life. STAR’s direct and indirect support has given me fulfillment as a student.”

Ot’Lantis graduated from UT Arlington in 2014 with a B.S. in Information Systems. After graduation, he worked at Haggard Clothing as a Control Desk Operator/DSN coordinator. Ot’Lantis has always been passionate about serving his country and was sworn into the United States Air Force in September of 2016.

Ot’Lantis’ sponsor was recently featured in a STAR newsletter. You can find more of Ot’Lantis’ inspirational success story told by his sponsor here.