Chyna – Boston University

STAR Student Chyna graduated with honors from Our Lady of Victory in 2005, and then graduated from Fort Worth Country Day May 2009 Cum Laude; FWCD Scholar; National Society of High School Scholars. Chyna graduated from Boston University in 2014 with a degree in Finance. During one of the semesters she spent at BU she was able study abroad in London. ┬áHere’s what she had to say about the experience:

“On the whole, I think studying abroad was a great decision! For many students, the hard part about doing this or traveling in general is adjusting to the culture shock or missing family. While I miss my family, I think this was a great opportunity, and I am so happy that my parents support me whole-heartedly. As for the culture shock, I feel that I am the type of person who can adjust and immerse myself wherever I go. I think that is a valuable skill to learn, especially when it comes to business, frequent travel or meeting new people. Before this experience, I never thought about working internationally, but now that is an option for me.

All in all, I have learned to never settle for anything less in life than what is best when it comes to your education and career. Because of STAR, children everywhere, myself included, are able to get a quality education that they deserve. I hope that my journey can inspire others to achieve their goals and become valuable assets to the community, so that we one day will be able to give back.

God bless!