Briana – Seton Hall University

Briana was a scholarship recipient in the STAR Sponsorship in 2011 with nine successful years in the program. The older of two girls, Briana’s mom was not able to send both girls to private school and sought out scholarships through STAR. Since her acceptance into the program in 2002, Briana has been a stellar student and a shining star in all her academics. One of her goals was to have perfect attendance throughout her educational journey. She graduated from high school in May 2015 with a stellar record of perfect attendance since kindergarten.

Briana’s desire to learn and dedication to her studies have always caused her to excel in many facets of her life. She has consistently been on the A Honor Roll all throughout her education. In addition to perfect attendance and extraordinary grades, Briana has kept herself active with many sports. She has played volleyball, basketball, and her favorite sport, softball, all throughout junior high and high school. Briana is known for her athletic speed and excellence, as well as her dedication to her studies. In between games, she has often been found off in a corner engrossed in homework or studying for an upcoming exam. Because of her diligence, hard work, and humble attitude she has been an example for her peers both on and off the field.

During her sophomore year of high school she devastatingly tore her ACL during a basketball game, causing her to need surgery in order to repair it. Her two largest concerns during this unfortunate time were the threat of having to miss school and worrying that she would not come back as fast as she was prior. Briana convinced her surgeon to schedule the surgery right before Spring Break, allowing her to heal over break to avoid missing classes. After undergoing therapy for her injury, Briana was able to return to her sports even faster and stronger than before!

This incredible student has continued to impress everyone with her ability to maintain excellent grades, perfect attendance, and attend social events all while participating in multiple sports as a stellar athlete! She is a recipient of the Hacemos Scholarship. Briana signed with Seton Hall University for softball and is currently a sophomore at Seton Hall University.