Alma – Texas State University

Alma started in the STAR program as a student at All Saints Catholic School. When reflecting on her experience in the STAR program Alma stated, “My education has been the largest reward for hard work, but not just my hard work, but my parents [as well]. Being first generation and finding out things along the way throughout my education was hard, but somehow very successful. My parents did not allow [us] to take STAR’s help for granted. It became something we believed in, bought into, and [we] really tried to make everyone proud in all our classes.”

“[My sponsor’s] help allowed me to stay in that community that gave me the foundation and education I’ve carried with me my entire life. STAR set the tone for my academic career. Since elementary, I have continued to pursue good grades, ask for help when needed, and kept being an A student. I kept that motivation and attitude about grades throughout high school and college.”

After high school, Alma went to St. Mary’s University and received her BA in Sociology in 2010. She went on to received her master’s degree in International Studies from Texas State University in December 2015.

Alma began her career in Social Service as an adoption and foster care case manager. After being there for three years, she left to help a non-profit agency that had an influx of unaccompanied minors from Latin America. While working there, Alma worked on helping these families assimilate which included helping them manage court mandated immigration processes, showing them how to enroll in school and get medical care, as well as assisting them with special needs. Currently, she supervises a team of 13, assisting flood victims throughout central Texas.

When asked about her career, Alma stated “I would like to continue to help others in the community. I want to help others be successful in every aspect of their lives that needs assistance [especially] as needs grow and develop throughout my region.” Her future goals include becoming a professor, if only to fulfill her inquisitive and academic urge to always learn and grow.