Why does the STAR Program work?

09 March

The STAR Program maps out a partnership between donors, schools, and parents. We serve as the liaison between all to coordinate a pathway to success for the children. Schools provide the education, but must agree to provide an ongoing dialogue that covers the students’ progress and individual needs. Expectations are set by the STAR program for the schools, parents and donors. The schools keep us informed of students’ progress and likewise the parents also consult the STAR Program about their children’s needs. We keep the donors informed with ongoing communication in the form of students’ correspondence, which is sent to them directly. This helps the students articulate the value of education and also the importance of the donor/mentor to this relationship. Through this network of strategies, the STAR Program institutes a rigorous mechanism of accountability, in which we expect students to be on time, complete homework assignments, respect authority and peers, and strive for honor roll-level academic results.