• Why STAR?

    The Board of STAR Sponsorship Program, Inc. is dedicated to increasing educational options for children in Tarrant County whose parents do not have the financial means to provide an education best suited to their children’s unique needs...

  • Why donate?

    Try as we might, we have been unable to meet the demand from parents eager to sacrifice to give their children a better education. We have found most private schools are willing to give tuition discounts...

  • Why does the STAR Program work?

    The STAR Program maps out a partnership between donors, schools, and parents. We serve as the liaison between all to coordinate a pathway to success for the children. Schools provide the education, but must agree to provide...

Success Stories

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  • Pat-University of North Texas

    “Attending St. George has not only given me a great education, but has taught me good values and life lessons. Even when I am frustrated because I didn’t do so well on a test or quiz, I would practice and discipline myself to do better. Being part of the STAR Program means a lot to […]

  • Judy – Texas Christian University

    “One of the benefits of being in the STAR program is having a sponsor and knowing that someone wants to inspire me and help me get a good education. Being held accountable was a factor that motivated me and helped me stay on track. It made me work harder, but it wasn’t the only reason […]

  • Amado – Texas A&M

    “I feel that the way to a brighter future is through education. The STAR Program has been a catalyst for success; made me not set limits, but push myself for my goals. This is the stepping stone in my life that has made all the difference. I have found that education paves the way to […]

  • Shane – Tarleton State University

    “The purpose of the program is to help students achieve their dreams by getting the best education possible. The STAR Program [and my Sponsor] could have given up on me after an occasional slip-up, but they saw I had potential and kept encouraging me, and for that, I really want to thank them.” “It’s about […]

  • Rafael – University of Texas at Arlington

    “The STAR Program has helped me in so many ways:  First, always reach for the stars.  Second, always give the best work you can give.  Third, someone is there to help, never be afraid to ask!  Fourth, STAR helped me open my doors of opportunity.  They have always helped me stay on the right track.  […]

  • Alma – Texas State University

    Alma started in the STAR program as a student at All Saints Catholic School. When reflecting on her experience in the STAR program Alma stated, “My education has been the largest reward for hard work, but not just my hard work, but my parents [as well]. Being first generation and finding out things along the […]

  • Ot’Lantis -UTA-United States Air Force

    “The STAR Program impacted my life because I realized that my education was important to people other than my family and teachers. Society needs to encourage the importance of education just as much and even more than teachers. STAR places an emphasis on education and striving to learn beyond the classroom. I have tried my […]

  • Sonie – Texas A&M Commerce

    “With the help of STAR, I have come a very long way and I have set myself up for a bright future. I have set my goals high and I have challenged myself more. STAR has definitely taught me self-perseverance. During my years of being a STAR student I have learned responsibility. I have learned […]

  • Briana – Seton Hall University

    Briana was a scholarship recipient in the STAR Sponsorship in 2011 with nine successful years in the program. The older of two girls, Briana’s mom was not able to send both girls to private school and sought out scholarships through STAR. Since her acceptance into the program in 2002, Briana has been a stellar student […]

  • Roderick – Johns Hopkins University

        My name is Roderick Demmings Jr. I am 21 years old and am a rising senior studying in the organ program of the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University. Ever since I was very young, I have always wanted to travel the world performing. So far, I’ve made it to ten countries, three […]

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